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Mercateo - der Megahändler für Geschäftskunden im Internet

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Vereon - New trends and market development
Rising demand for E-Invoicing

More and more companies are shifting to electronic invoicing and away from paper-based invoicing. In 2007 a total of 18.5 million e-invoices were sent to private customers in Sweden – an 81 percent increase over 2006. In addition, various government initiatives in countries such as Finland, Sweden and Spain will accelerate this positive trend and act as a driving force for E-Invoicing market penetration in Europe.

The essential know-how for starting up an E-Invoicing project can be gained at the 4th European EXPP Summit 2008 being held in Frankfurt/Germany. On September 29 to 30 Europe’s E-Invoicing experts will meet in the Frankfurt Sheraton Hotel to discuss market trends and future developments of E-Invoicing as well as related topics. Delegates profit from international case studies and success stories. As in the years before, the leading European congress for E-Invoicing & EBPP offers an exciting programme of top-flight speeches, practical reports and panel discussions. Bruno Koch, a pioneer of electronic invoicing in Europe and founder of the European EXPP Summit, will present the latest market trends and provide an insight into future developments.

Prominent speakers from Swedbank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Schenker, Bayer Business Services, Robert Bosch, British Telecom Global Services and the European Expert Group for Electronic Invoicing among others will report on their experience with E-Invoicing and pass on their recipes for success. Participants will learn how current E-Government projects in Finland and Sweden boost E-Invoicing. Credit Management and invoicing efficiency, value added e-services for shared services clients and workflow-based processing of incoming invoices are just some of the topics that will be actively discussed at the European EXPP Summit. The interaction between E-Invoicing and VAT-Management, the role of banks in E-Invoicing and the impact of E-Invoicing on legal departments are some of the other topics that will be on the agenda.

New this year are four roundtables where delegates will have the chance to discuss and interact with E-Invoicing experts, taking up topics such as the challenges faced during implementation and how to solve them in practice.

In addition, around 30 leading solution and service providers will present state of the art eBilling, online invoicing and electronic invoicing solutions in the huge exhibition area.

The combination of first-rate speeches, case studies, success stories, panel discussions, and especially the focus on Europe, makes the European EXPP Summit 2008 unique and mandatory for CEOs, CFOs and IT decision-leaders from all over Europe.

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 News - 17.04.2014
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