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Identifying cancer tumors in the early stages, processing drinking water, and monitoring food quality – these are just some of the accomplishments that have been realized with the help of biophotonics. Biophotonics combines different disciplines, such as chemistry, biology, and medicine and is regarded as one of the most promising technologies of the future. For the first time, from June 15 to 18, the innovation driver, biophotonics, will have its own exhibition area at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, Germany.

Biophotonics and Life Sciences at the World of Photonics Congress
In addition to a separate exhibition area in Hall B1 and further presentations by exhibitors in other areas of the halls at the Munich Trade Fair, the Congress will also be presenting a range of topics related to biophotonics at the "Medical Laser Applications" conference, with practice-oriented expert presentations on lasers in medicine, optical diagnostics, high-end endoscopy, and minimal-invasive surgery. The European Conferences on Biomedical Optics will be presenting several speeches on biomedical optics, biophotonics, biomedical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

Highlights from the "German Biophotonics Research Program" can be seen from June 15-18 in Hall B1, Stand 141. New concepts for cancer diagnostics and rapid proof of bacteria in the air and in water demonstrate the progress being made in current research projects supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
Under the heading of "Visions for future diagnostics" visitors can see and hear free practical presentations on the focal topic of LASER World of PHOTONICS. Experts from science and industry will be discussing the latest developments and solutions in the cross-disciplinary industry. Together, they will develop possible solution approaches and building blocks for future developments in biophotonics.

The Biophotonics Symposium, which is part of a program funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will take place within the framework of the World of Photonics Congress.

"Biophotonik & Life Sciences" - events and exhibitors
Monday, 15. June
14.00–16.30 h
Photonics Forum
Hall B1, Stand 159   
Application Panel
Dr. R. Sroka, Dr. H. Stepp, LIFE Center, University Clinic Munich: “Visions for future diagnostics - Laser based photon and particle beams for medical applications
Tuesday, 16. June
14.00–16.30 h
Photonics Forum,
Hall B1, Stand 179
Application Panel
Dr. Thomas Renner, Toptica Photonics AG : “Lasers for biophotonics
Wednesday, 17. June
10.30 - 14.30 h
Photonics Forum,
Hall B1, Stand 179
Application Panel
Prof Dr. J. Popp, Institute of Photonic Technology/Univ. Jena: “Visions for future diagnostics
14. - 15. June
Congress Center
Conference "Medical Laser Applications"
Practice-oriented presentations by experts about lasers in medicine, optical diagnostics, high-end endoscopy, and minimal-invasive surgery.
15. –18. June
Hall B1 Stand 141
German Biophotonics Research Program
"Optical solutions for medicine and the life sciences"
Current projects that are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
14. –18. June
Congress Center
ECBO 2009
"European Conferences on Biomedical Optics"
Series of presentations on biomedical optics, biophotonics, bio-medical imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics.
15. - 18. Juni
Halls B1, C2
Exhibitors, and others
FiberTech GmbH, JenLab GmbH, JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH, Hamamatsu Photonics
Deutschland GmbH, FISBA OPTIK AG, SCANLAB AG, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd., Qioptiq GmbH.

You will find all the exhibitors for biophotonics and the life sciences in the exhibitor database.

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